6 Ways to Get a Free Education

It amazes me how small our world has become and how accessible everything can be. You can do almost everything with just a click of a button: buy furniture for your home, meet your soulmate, order a car to come and pick you up, help save a life by donating to relief funds, and also learn about virtually anything. Knowledge is in the palm of our hands now. We can learn so much with so […]

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I don’t claim to be an expert theologian, real estate investor, or money maker. However, I have a passion for Jesus, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Independence! I want to share my passions with the world and I hope to inspire YOU along the way. This blog is all about seeking out God’s truth, and connecting it to how we invest our time and money. It is a faith-based blog about real estate investing, finances, and entrepreneurship.

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